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Clean Economy Works is a full-service consulting firm providing strategic advice, feasibility analyses, and planning for economic development projects and project management execution. We help farms and businesses deploy appropriate and innovative technology solutions to enhance operations, revenues, and sustainability. Clean Economy Works has been a leader for the past 20 years in supporting the development of energy technologies, rural economies, agriculture policy, and issue advocacy, with the goal of improving the quality of life in rural America by building an efficient, renewable, and biobased economy.



Our mission is to assist clients in strategic planning and execution of business development that improves overall sustainability and lowers carbon intensity of industrial processes through the incorporation or acceleration of innovative technologies.  By taking a measured approach which employs revenue-positive conservation, limits cash burn, and focuses investments where most advantageous, we look to assist in leveraging assets, partnerships, and funding programs to most efficiently and effectively move towards our client's goals with smart tactics that align with the company’s priorities.



Doing well and doing good are not contradictory goals.  We believe that successful companies of the future will be responsible members of their regional communities both environmentally and socially.  If developed correctly, their attention to being a good neighbor will directly support their ability to connect to customers and support their long-term financial sustainability.  We focus on finding clients who are the right fit for this vision, for whom we find smart approaches to reduce operating costs and diversify revenues through forward-looking strategies which directly embrace appropriate technologies around energy efficiency, renewable energy, and value-added farm and forestry products.

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